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The Idea

Migra-X is a network of European authors, creative producers and directors who work in partnerships in order to develop a collection of feature films dealing with the broad subject of migration.

Within this network, 2Pilots Filmproduction (Harry Flöter and Jörg Siepmann) from Germany initially plans to develop a collection of five feature films in Spain, Italy, Germany, England or France as well as Russia. We regard the subject of migration as being a background for the stories, which can be set in any genre.

We see ourselves as the initiators and coordinators of these projects and the migra–X network. To the partners in the participating countries, we offer the opportunity to cooperate in creating a pan-European network of authors, editors, directors and creative producers. Within this network, the stories will first be developed into a script draft and then be realised in co-productions.

Until now, we have developed four treatments with stories from Spain, Italy, Germany and Russia. We would like to develop these stories into four screenplays for the migra–X series. In order to complete the series, we are looking for stories and partners from France or England and especially from eastern Europe.

:: The Background
More about the initiators of this pan-European project
:: The Idea
Information on the idea of a European co-production dealing with the subject of migration